Key staff
Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones
Managing Director

Nigel has over 20 years experience in the application and use of environmental modelling and geographical information for environmental policy development and assessment. This experience has been gained through working with international development agencies, central and local government, utilities, developer and NGOs on projects in the UK and overseas.

He has built specialist teams and directed a number of high profile and complex GIS and noise mapping projects, including the development of the Electronic Noise Data Reporting Mechanism (ENDRM) for the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the noise mapping of English Railways, English Major Roads, English Industry, All Welsh and Northern Irish Noise Sources and all associated population exposure analysis to support the respective EC reports as required under Directive 2002/49/EC.

Nigel has a long history of working as an adviser to UK government, researching and advising on noise mapping, action planning, geographical information, GIS and other data systems to support policy development.

He has been employed by the EEA as an expert advisor on training to EU Member State National Reporting Centres and advised the EC JRC on data requirements for noise mapping.

Nigel has also provided expert advice to organisations such as the Environment Agency on the dissemination, exchange and commercial exploitation of environmental information within a complex regulatory framework.

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