Extrium was established by Nigel Jones in 2005, as an environmental modelling and geospatial data science consultancy providing services to supernational organisations and national governments to commercial organisations and local NGOs.

Extrium works with clients to design and deliver projects which combine digital geospatial data with environmental science and analysis. Our work can see us working with policy officials to help draft intelligent legislation and guidance, as well as building multi-disciplinary teams to deliver large national-scale digital projects.

Significant projects include the production of the England, Wales and Northern Ireland noise maps; development of the the Electronic Noise Data Reporting Mechanism (ENDRM) for the EEA to support EU Member State environmental reporting; development of the Common Noise Assessment Methods for Europe (CNOSSOS-EU) and the development of a new burden of disease tool for Public Health England.

Based around a core team, Extrium works with domain experts and Agile project methods to deliver client-focussed solutions.

Nigel has 25 years' experience in the delivery of multi-disciplinary projects. Before establishing Extrium, Nigel was director of the Information Solutions Group at Bureau Veritas where he helped the Environment Agency to share the National Flood Risk Map with the Association of British Insurers. He established the UK's Air Quality Action Plan Appraisal database and developed the emissions model for the Canary Wharf Group which enabled tracking of emissions as part of the annual CSR.

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