Data Management

Information is widely used to report, regulate and communicate policy across governmental sectors. The proliferation of digital information in recent times, coupled with legislation permitting access to this information, has resulted in a greater onus being placed on governments to disseminate data.

Legislation not only allows access to information but also for data to be made available to the private sector for re-use and to provide stimulus within an expanding market. In addition, many governmental organisations are commercially exploiting this data in order to recover a proportion of the costs initially invested in producing it. Extrium possesses the skills and knowledge to price and package data for such commercial exploitation, whilst ensuring compliance with statutory requirements and any existing commercial copyright agreements.

Extrium also has extensive experience in the technical processes involved with developing spatial datasets as well as managing and assessing regulatory obligations, intellectual property and licensing. Our understanding of synergies and the conflicts that can arise between different regulations and directives enables our consultants to offer recommendations as to order of precedence.

The following key services are offered by Extrium:
  • Identifying and assessing Intellectual Property Rights
  • Geospatial data science and analysis
  • Digital project design and delivery
  • Smart system design
  • Automation, AI and machine learning
  • Web hosting
  • Data hosting
  • Open data project design
  • IP management
  • Advice on information law
  • Commercial data licensing and royalty negotiations
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