Policy and Research

Extrium allows organisations to expand their knowledge base and be more effective by providing a wide variety of policy and research services that can be tailored to the public or private sector.

Many organisations deal with information or business issues that have a geographical dimension. Extrium's carefully designed geospatial modelling and analysis can help companies with more accurate decision making that ensure objectives are met more efficiently.

Our services to governments are designed to assist by providing information and ideas that help the development of effective policy.

We can generate and present information in a way that makes policies easier to understand. We can also provide technical input into the drafting of official documents. We are used to working alongside policy officials, lawyers and economists and can support the production of official documents.

We can offer support in the following areas:
  • Intelligent strategy and policy development
  • Regulatory Impact Assessments
  • Options appraisals and costing studies
  • Design of programme delivery models
  • Procurement support, including technical specification drafting
  • Environmental Action Planning
  • Digital standards development
  • Regulation and guidance drafting
  • Assisting with reporting obligations
  • Horizon scanning
  • Training and workshop facilitation
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