Extrium offers a range of specialist environmental services to the noise, air quality, contaminated land, climate change, landscape and hydrology markets. These are based around an in-depth knowledge and experience of European and domestic environmental regulatory frameworks and their associated technical requirements. We deliver innovative solutions and comprehensive advice to both public and private sector clients, helping them fulfill obligations and implement best practice procedures.

Our consultancy services focus on the use of information technology and spatial data in the modelling, assessment and management of the environment. We are able to provide real-world understanding by correlating environmental information with additional data sources such as property locations or health statistics.

Services provided by Extrium include the following:
  • Large scale modelling and mapping of noise and air quality
  • Environmental action planning and strategy development
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Development of climate change models
  • Visual impact and viewshed analysis
  • Demographic and impact analysis
  • Carbon emission assessments
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