Key staff
Matthew Burdett

Matthew Burdett
Associate Director

Matthew has over 12 years experience in the application and use of Geographical Information (GI) and GIS technology in environmental modelling. He also has over five years experience working within acoustics on a wide variety of environmental noise and acoustics projects. Matthew has specialised in his ability to combine the knowledge of geographic data systems and structures and apply this in an acoustic context for noise mapping and noise modelling projects. He has helped facilitate linkages between the technical implementation of noise mapping projects and their policy implications. This is combined with a practical experience in project management, working on local, national and European level projects.

Matthew has played a central role in a wide variety of complex GIS and Noise Mapping projects including the development of the Electronic Noise Data Reporting Mechanism (ENDRM) for the European Environment Agency (EEA), the noise mapping of English Railways, English Major Roads, English Industry, and all Welsh and Northern Irish Noise Sources. He has also been involved in associated population exposure analysis to support the respective EC reports as required under Directive 2002/49/EC.

He also has a wide experience of working as an adviser to Defra, undertaking research and providing advice on numerous areas relating to noise mapping, action planning and other areas of policy development.

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